International Clients:

Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, and other countries

Dated: 29th June 2020

International eyecare clients must confirm their appointment before they leave their country of origin. From August 2020, appointments with the Ambassador for Ophthalmic Public Health will be limited and international clients will be seen outside normal business hours for the safety of staff and other patients.

You will need to comply to the general coronavirus advice above as per UK patients. In addition, you must respect the travel restrictions and safety measures including self-isolation. Please see link for more details:

International client should email their appointment request with the header ‘International Client’ to

You must provide as much information as possible and include the country which you are flying-in from. Information on flights can be found at:

If you are a UK citizen and you are booking on behalf of an international client, please call the practice.  Our team will help you with the arrangements.

Our bespoke and frame customisation service is still available, and more information will be provided when you make your booking.