Our Private Fees

Eye Care

  • Advanced Eye Examination [Read More] £89

    Ages 40 years+ or clinical risk factors (Includes Rexxam Refraction and Optomap wide scan & OCT deep scan)

  • Enhanced Eye Examination [Read More] £49

    Ages 18-39 years (Includes Rexxam Refraction and Optomap wide scan)

  • Child/Student [Read More] £35

    Ages 5-17 years (Includes Rexxam Refraction and Optomap wide scan)

  • Myopia Management (paid monthly by direct debit) [Read More] £40

    Ages 6-15 years (Includes Rexxam Refraction Optomap wide scan, Stellest (Essilor) or MiSight lens fitting)

  • Glaucoma Monitoring Scheme [Read More] £119

    (Includes Anterior Angles, Optomap wide scan, Optic Nerve Head OCT deep scan & Humphrey VFA)

  • Dilated Diabetic Surveillance [Read More] £103

    (Dilation, Optomap wide scan, & Macular OCT deep scan)

  • Minor Eye Condition Services [Read More] £55

    Includes red eye assessments.

  • Dry Eye Assessment [Read More] £60

    Includes 1 follow-up visit.

  • Flashes & Floaters Clinic £85

    (Includes dilated Optomap wide scan with eye-steering)

  • Style & Colour Consultation £39

    (Includes measurements with VisiOffice X. Complimentary service when ordering new spectacles)

  • Private Dispensing Experience from £500

    (Includes eye examination, spectacle frames, spectacle lenses, and exclusive practice visit)

Contact Lens Care

  • Spherical Soft Lens Fitting £60
  • Toric/Multifocal Soft Lens Fitting £90
  • RGP / Keratoconous Lens Fitting £120
  • Soft Lens Aftercare £60
  • RGP Lens Aftercare £60