Thinking of taking your prescription elsewhere?

Your eyes are precious and so they deserve the very best care you can give them.

Sydney Goldwyn is committed to providing exceptional eye care. Our team of dedicated long serving staff are here to serve you the best we can.

We will take our time to conduct a thorough eye examination (this usually takes around 40 minutes). The dispensing team will go through spectacle lens options and help you find a spectacle frames that suits your needs.

As a small independent business, we rely on the support of our loyal customers and when you take your prescription to be dispensed elsewhere the business loses money.

Although NHS patients are entitled to an NHS sight test, the current fee we receive from NHS England is £21.31 per sight test, and this is much lower than the actual cost incurred to provide the service. And so, NHS sight testing is under-funded.

As members of the College of Optometrists, we refer patients to the following piece of advice:

You have a right to have your prescription dispensed wherever you choose. However, as prescribing and dispensing of spectacles are closely linked it is best to have your spectacles dispensed where you have your eyes examined. It is often more difficult to resolve any problems you may have with your spectacles when prescribing and supply are separated.’

In summary, please support your community independent practice by having your spectacles dispensed by our friendly, professional and experienced team. 

If you have decided to take your prescription elsewhere then we will not send you a reminder letter for your next eye examination.  It is advisable that you have your eyes examined at the place where you purchased your spectacles.

Kindest regards,

Sydney Goldwyn